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44% ABV

1000 Piers Coastal Carolina Gin is an award winning unashamedly modern style London Dry Gin.  It is distilled with Juniper and a blend of 21 other botanicals including orange, grapefruit, lemongrass, kaffir lime, ginger, blueberries and star anise to name a few. A recipe it took us three years to develop and optimise. 


Unlike other gins many of the botanicals we use are
fresh not dried and we use more botanicals than most other gins packing as much flavor punch as possible into each bottle. 

The London Dry denomination means that we  fully respect the craft of distillation so what's in the bottle is what comes off the still, meaning no flavors are added after the fact. We also use a carefully considered combination of distillation methods to ensure we extract the very best flavors from of our botanicals.  

We are truly the taste of the Coastal Carolina Region sourcing as many of our botanicals as possible from local farms.

Dry Botanicals

Fresh Botanicals



1000 Piers Botanical Wheel_fresh.jpg

Adam Caar

1000 Piers Botanical Wheel_Dry.jpg



Tasting Notes

Nose:  Initial waves of wonderful fresh citrus followed by floral notes and a hint of spice and pepper   


Palate:  The flavour profile slowly reveals itself it as the smooth almost creamy liquor passes over the tongue. At the front end you get a wonderful complex hit of citrus working in perfect tandem with the clean piney notes of the juniper featuring  sweet notes of orange, lime, grapefruit and lemongrass followed by a little heat and a hint of pepper with the ginger, galangal, cubeb and black pepper taking centre stage  

Finish: The finish is smooth and clean with subtle notes of anise, cardamom and more citrus.

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