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1000 Blueberry Piers Gin is made by distilling a fruit floral gin base and then post infusing it with wonderful local NC blueberries.    

The base is distilled with Juniper and a blend of 17 other botanicals including hibiscus, elderberry, elderflower, peach and sloe berries to name a few.   We use also use a carefully combination of distillation methods to ensure the optimal extraction of essential oils from our botanicals. 


We then muddle this base with about 100 lbs of local blueberries and leave it to marry up for about 3-4 weeks before filtering. 

Unlike many other flavored spirits, all the ingredients we use are totally natural.  because of this the color components called anthocyanins (which come from the blueberry skins) which give our gin its lovely red/purple hue may fade over time.


Please store this product away from direct sunlight. 

44% ABV

Fresh Botanicals

Dry Botanicals


BB Gin Botanical Wheel Fresh.png

Adam Caar

BB Gin Botanical Wheel Dry.png



IMG_3471 (1).jpg

Tasting Notes

Nose:  Slightly sweet perfumed nose with notes of citrus, spice and pine.


Palate:  Hints of Sweet orange and lemon on the front explode into waves of  Jammie black fruits in the mid palate evolving with notes of  cardamon and bitter orange. 

Finish: Long finish dominated by a pleasant heat from the juniper, cinnamon and ginger

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